About the RIGS Method

Achieve Your Goals with Reverse Iterative Goal Setting

The RIGS Method, also known as Reverse Iterative Goal Setting, is a powerful technique designed to help you reach your goals. Unlike traditional goal-setting methods, the RIGS Method works in reverse by starting with your end goal and building out a clear path to success. RIGS Method also separates input and output goals, allowing you to work strategically towards your desired outcome without having to stop at roadblocks.

How Does the RIGS Method Work?

Let's take an example to understand how the RIGS Method can be applied. Imagine your goal is to join the YouTube Partner Program. To be eligible, you need to achieve specific milestones: upload 3 videos in 90 days (input goal), gain 500 subscribers (output goal), and accumulate 3000 hours of watch time (output goal).

In the RIGS Method, these milestones are considered as separate projects. Each project represents a significant step towards your end goal and completion of all proects should result in 100% completion of your goal. By breaking down your goal into smaller projects, you can focus on the actionable tasks that will move to needle towards success.

Keystone Actions and Iteration

What sets RIGS Method apart from traditional reverse goal setting is the emphasis of the importance of "Keystone Actions" and "Iteration" to keep progressing towards your goals when you’ve run out of actionable input goals.

Simply uploading 3 videos won't guarantee 500 subscribers or 3000 hours of watch time. However, it's an input goal that you can control.

After completing the initial goal of uploading 3 videos, you need to pair the "keystone action" of uploading with an "iteration" that benefits another project. For example, after 3 uploads, you can focus on improving subscribe rates by asking viewers to subscribe or offering a freebie. Then, you can upload again and iterate towards higher watch time by increasing the length of your videos.

Repeat the keystone action and iteration process indefinitely, continuously working towards your other output goals until you have successfully achieved your ultimate goal.By iterating on your keystone action, you will also get better at the action itself. This will help you start to tackle larger and larger input goals in the future.

Start Using the RIGS Method Today

The RIGS Method is a flexible and effective approach to goal setting. By implementing reverse iterative goal setting, you can make tangible progress towards your aspirations. Begin your journey with the RIGS Method today and unlock your full potential.

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